The Zacky and Friends Know It All Show: Episode 10

2 07 2010

Back in full form for a thrilling 10th episode spectacular, with a massive number of games and topics to discuss in this weeks show.  We kick things off with a review of a wonderful little low budget 80’s movie called The Wraith.  After that its on to our longest ‘what you been playing’ segment in history where we cover the topics of: Army of Two, Rogue Warrior, Blue Toad, Brutal Legend, Shin Magami Tensi, and Alpha Protocol.  We then go into a new segment about the little news stories and announcements from the week.  After that its on to the loyal PC where we discuss PC MMO’s and a PC game were actually excited about!  After that its about taking sides as we break down EA’s apparent Sony bias.  Finally getting into a fighting game the average joe can get excited about, another reason LBP2 is going to be awesome and are feelings on the now one week old PSN Plus.  As always find us at or on iTunes, be sure to follow me on twitter @Zackysmack and be on the lookout for our new site that is launching this weekend.  Peace everyone.


The Zacky and Friends Know It All Show Episode 9

25 06 2010

Another Thursday another dollar, this time out were back down to two hosts and a regular 1 hour show as we face the drought of news in a post E3 world.  First off we give our review of Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans, and then head straight into what have we been playing which features an abundance of co-op titles and some thoughtful discussions of Spec Ops Missions, then we talk about why Dave Jaffe is one cool dude and how the PSP/DS War isn’t really a war after all, next up we flounder around trying to figure out the difference between Take Two and 2K, we finish up by talking about PSN Plus and why Jimmy Fallon is gamings best friend for no reason, finally we give a preview of our week in gaming.  As always enjoy the show and get through your Friday so you can play some more games, in the meantime be sure to get your submissions in for the logo design content to my email, hit me up on twitter @Zackysmack.  You can find the show by searching The Zacky and Friends Know It All Show on iTunes or Podbean at


The Zacky and Friends Know It All Show Episode 8: E3 Blowout Edition

21 06 2010

As promised its the Zacky and Friends Know It All Show Episode 8, the post E3 spectacular.  I am joined in the studio by Velius and EttenCo for a 3 member blowout of all things E3.  No movie review this week, instead we opt to follow the E3 pattern and do Microsoft first, Nintendo Second and Sony third, finishing up with the big games that weren’t there.  Due to the nature of 3 friends working on this one there are plenty of stories and tangents that we break into, making this the longest and by far the funniest episode yet.  As always be sure to follow me on Twitter @Zackysmack, email me your podcast logo submissions with your mailing address for a chance to win a free copy of Need For Speed Shift for the PS3 at, and finally check out the show at:  Enjoy the show everyone, its just the cure for your Mondays.


Podcast Episode 8 delayed 1 day due to weather and co-hosts.

18 06 2010

Hey everybody bad news, I have no co-host tonight for family/personal reasons so I am going to postpone the show tell tomorrow night when we will be joined by EttenCo, also there are huge electrical storms coming and I am not sure I would have enough time to get everything recorded.  We’ll be covering all the hottest E3 topics including Kinect, PSN Plus, 3DS, and a slew of new and interesting games tomorrow night so you can either listen to it this weekend while having some fun or save it to brighten up your monday.  As always you can follow me on Twitter @Zackysmack, or email me at  I hope you checked out the PSP Go article its a great read, please comment folks, love to hear back from you.  Also be sure to mark July 4th on your calendar because that is when the new site will be launching.  So sorry about the delay but I think Etten is going to add a lot to the show tomorrow so tune back in then.  Thanks everybody, Peace.

The Zacky And Friends Know It All Show: Episode 7!

11 06 2010

Thursday night, it must be Podcast night!  Velius joins me again for another installment of the Zacky Knows It All Podcast and we cover a ton of news and introduce our first listener contest, first off we cover the movie Superman Doomsday, and then head into what we have been playing, after that we ask the tough questions of ‘what were they thinking?’ in regards to the big announcements of the week, we then give opinions on 3D gaming and the dreamcast integration for XBLA and PSN, finally we give a quick recap of the new Deus Ex Trailer, and finally our E3 predictions for next week.  Enjoy the show its our longest yet and our audio problems are all sorted out so you can actually hear us.  Be sure to follow me on twitter @ Zackysmack, email me at, and finally check out the podcast on podbean or on iTunes by searching The Zacky And Friends Knows It All Show  Thanks again everyone, enjoy the show, peace.

The Zacky And Friends Know It All Show: Episode 6

4 06 2010

Hello again everyone, time for episode 6, and boy have we got a great for you today.  No less then 2 hosts come at you tonight with brand new recording equipment and microphones, dissecting the gaming news and rumors from the week.  First starting with a traditional movie review of the sleeper hit ‘The Human Centipede’, we follow that up with ‘what have you been playing?’ and then roll right into our taste in games we have been buying lately, after that its all about ModNation racers and Killzone 3.  Finally finishing things up with some rumor killers.  As always the show is very explicit and because of the two hosts is now twice the length, clocking in at around 1:10:00.  Be sure to follow me on twitter @Zackysmack or email me at

Catch the show on the iTunes store or here at PodBean:

The Zacky Knows It All Show: Episode 5: Slightly Congested Edition

28 05 2010

Hey Everyone, back again on another beautiful Thursday night with the 5th installment of the Zacky Knows It All Show with a slide cold edition.  Today the movie and gaming is mixed together in a breakdown of the movies based on video games that are coming up, then I finally give my red dead redemption impressions, following that up with my thoughts on the supposed PSP 2, finishing it off with an early look at Killzone 3 and a weekend sendoff.  As always this podcast is explicit for language, features a massive amount of opinions and is generally a lot of good fun for your Friday afternoon listening enjoyment.  Check out the show by searching iTunes for Zacky Knows It All Show, or by hitting up podbean here, also follow me on twitter @Zackysmack or email me ideas at  If you’re too lazy to do any of that just leave a comment here, I would love some user feedback.  Thanks everyone, enjoy the show its about 34 minutes long.