The Zacky and Friends Know It All Show Episode 8: E3 Blowout Edition

21 06 2010

As promised its the Zacky and Friends Know It All Show Episode 8, the post E3 spectacular.  I am joined in the studio by Velius and EttenCo for a 3 member blowout of all things E3.  No movie review this week, instead we opt to follow the E3 pattern and do Microsoft first, Nintendo Second and Sony third, finishing up with the big games that weren’t there.  Due to the nature of 3 friends working on this one there are plenty of stories and tangents that we break into, making this the longest and by far the funniest episode yet.  As always be sure to follow me on Twitter @Zackysmack, email me your podcast logo submissions with your mailing address for a chance to win a free copy of Need For Speed Shift for the PS3 at, and finally check out the show at:  Enjoy the show everyone, its just the cure for your Mondays.



The Zacky And Friends Know It All Show: Episode 7!

11 06 2010

Thursday night, it must be Podcast night!  Velius joins me again for another installment of the Zacky Knows It All Podcast and we cover a ton of news and introduce our first listener contest, first off we cover the movie Superman Doomsday, and then head into what we have been playing, after that we ask the tough questions of ‘what were they thinking?’ in regards to the big announcements of the week, we then give opinions on 3D gaming and the dreamcast integration for XBLA and PSN, finally we give a quick recap of the new Deus Ex Trailer, and finally our E3 predictions for next week.  Enjoy the show its our longest yet and our audio problems are all sorted out so you can actually hear us.  Be sure to follow me on twitter @ Zackysmack, email me at, and finally check out the podcast on podbean or on iTunes by searching The Zacky And Friends Knows It All Show  Thanks again everyone, enjoy the show, peace.

E3 Predictions Week: Day 1: Nintendo!

18 05 2010

Hey everyone it’s time for E3 predictions!  Think of this as more of an itemized list, some of the topics I will just state, while others I will go into a little more.  I am breaking this into 3 articles because if I did 1 article it would just be: Wii will be about sales figures, Xbox will say they have outsold ps3 which means there better apparently and then Natal, and PS3 had the best year ever for them (which is still worse than everyone else) and then bring forth and onslaught of games.   So this way I can kind of work each one individually.  Enjoy E3 week everyone, feel free to follow me on Twitter @Zackysmack(caps is important  I guess) email me at with any questions or comments you may have, also catch my podcast on podbean or the iTunes store.  If all that tickles you in the right way maybe you might even want to comment on an article or two.


Welcome to E3!....Predictions!

Incidentally I wrote these all last week so if something in here has already happened this week, have no fear I am not just lazy, no, in fact I am right and you can feel free to mark it down as a win for me.

Okay so to do an E3 special on Nintendo is hard for a couple of reasons; 1. I don’t really follow Nintendo during the year which makes this hard, 2. Nintendo are like fucking Ninja’s when it comes to keeping things secret, and 3. This is not a shot at Nintendo as I am trying to keep this pretty unbiased, but they seriously just don’t have that much that is that secret, new, or interesting to talk about.


Welcome to the big show big 'N'

But alright here is probably how it will start, Reggie will come out and read about 3 times more sales figures then is necessary.  Seemly attempting to make us think that because they have up until this point sold more hardware than anyone else, that means they are by far the best platform for games, gamers, and developers.  Which we all know is utter crap sense Playstation 1 outsold the Dreamcast and that was to hell and gone the better platform.  After that is finished up we get into the actual information.

NUMBER 1 – Online Functionality

Tri Logo

The start of something great, er well new at least.

Nintendo has talked a lot recently about being more of an online platform and I can respect that.  Being an online platform means a bunch of extra revenue streams and sense Nintendo pretty much bled their primary steam dry, they need new ones.  So I think that in their E3 press conference Nintendo will announce enhanced online functionality for their console, this will build on the popularity of Monster Hunter Tri which apparently was the game that showed Nintendo that online is fun and does sell games.  I am talking about the possibility of an actual friends list with game joining and chat.   I know what you’re thinking, that that is wayyyyyy to forward thinking for the Wii.  Well remember everyone, they’re hurting right now, the bubble has officially burst and on their current course there heading for financial issues in no time.  Sense the Wii HD is but a theory on the horizon they have to start doing something more with this one, other than making it black, hence the reason I think that out of self preservation they will be forced to start some sort of online component.


So Nintendo needs good games, and I mean badly, they need games that can re-energize and re-interest core gamers in the console if it is to sustain itself over the next 3 years.  So I think the bulk of the middle section of their presentation will be focused on some of their new games.

Pikmin 3

Look at this fake boxart, it's not even funny, fuck you Nintendo.

Pikman 3; the Pikman series actually did pretty good on the Wii and the gameplay lends itself to the Wii-mote pretty well actually.  Especially with the new fancy Wii-motion plus you should be able to accurately control your Pikman.  I also think that Pikman 3 will have online features and Miyamoto will have his stamp all over the game as well.  Expect this one to come early in presentation to get the crowd a little more excited about it before they bring out the big guns.

Legend of Zelda; Alright well this is a big gun, the last one was game of the year back in 06(05? 07?) regardless this is a hotly anticipated title.  I mean not for me, but for most people who like playing the same thing over again every 2 years this game is a big deal.  This is your big middle reveal; I expect a trailer and some gameplay footage for this one, even if the game won’t hit for a year Nintendo can still ride the wave of it.  Do not under any circumstances expect anything new with this, it will pretty much be exactly what you expect, but as God of War taught us, sometimes that isn’t a bad thing.

Metroid Collage

Unrelated Samus Aran Picture.

Meroid A.K.A. Project M; So Nintendo has been building this for the better part of 2 years now, or at least it’s assumed they have.  Honestly trying to find information about internally developed projects (that would be the collection of rouge’s and assassin’s known only as RD1) at Nintendo is about as hard as getting the Death Star Plans, and unfortunately I don’t have any Bonthan spies.  This creates a virtual black hole of information, what I can tell you is that Nintendo’s RD1 is working together with Team Ninja on this one, which I am not sure if words can describe how completely un-normal that is for Nintendo.  This implies that the game will be rated Mature, and probably ditch the FPS look for 3rd person action title that will most likely have a higher emphasis on platforming then previous titles.  Expect that game to almost have an Uncharted feel.  I also think this will come at the very end of the press conference, something big to go home with, because I feel that this will arguably be there biggest announcement of E3, I also expect to see gameplay, albeit brief.



Artists rendering of Nintendo 3DS

So regardless of what Nintendo is going to call this thing, it is going to be a huge part of their presentation.   It’s no secret that Nintendo pretty much owns the handheld market, there sales in Japan alone are enough to control the world.  So the next iteration of the platform will be a big deal, and I expect to be able to hold and play it in 3D at E3.  In fact when you get to the Sony E3 post you will see why I think handhelds are going to be even more of a war this year than in previous years.  But yes overall expect an official hardware unveiling, a name, a price, a release date, and a software lineup for launch.


Vitality Sensor

It's one purpose? To be a constant supply of vaguly sexual images.

A heavy emphasis of the Wii model is on the sale of add-on peripherals, a while back we had the Wii-Vitality sensor announced and I expect this to be pushed at the press conference, showing off new ways to use it, and probably some sort of Wii-fit integration, as well as a way to use it with your DS’s.

I also think there will be an official sword thing for your wii-mote from Nintendo and that this will go directly with the new Legend of Zelda.


Marky Mark

Once played a Sniper named Swagger.

Sophisticated Wild Ass Guess; the backbone of E3 is of course the completely ridiculous predictions; this show would be no fun if everyone knew everything and everything made sense.  So here are the final bits of my predictions; the fun ones that shouldn’t be taken too seriously but probably could happen…maybe.

New Luigi game:  Luigi’s Mansion is one of the real gems of the Gamecube, sure the character isn’t as well known as Mario but neither of them really has definite cannon to what you can and can’t do with them.  I think Nintendo is going to start to recognize that there are a bit too many Mario games out there.  So whats the best way to solve that problem?  Make another Luigi game, it doesn’t have to be Mansion 2, but I think now would be the perfect time to let Luigi come out of the shadow and star in something that is unique to him.  Mario went to space, maybe Luigi can go….underwater….yeah there you go.  So announced at E3 this year will be: Super Luigi Deep Sea Wii.

Fire Emblem:  Also a pretty good series of turn-based RPG’s, I expect the next one to be announced at E3 this year.  Not because it really deserves it, but more because they need some new blood.

Fire Emblem

Obviously not this Wii Fire Emblem, but like a new one.

This one is weird, I know, but I think that Call of Duty Black Ops will be shown off to some degree at E3 this year, the Wii will want to showcase a ‘hardcore’ game on their console and Black Ops is just the one to do it.

Kid Icarus: I think it’s been something like 2 years sense people thought this game was being made, but at this year’s show you’re going to actually see it, or at least have a reconfirmation that it is being made.

Kid Icarus

Look concept art from 2007, fucking confirmed.

Mario Kart:  A big franchise for them, it’s been a year so they best get the next one out.

Here is my big S.W.A.G. for the day, this is the one bombshell that I realistically think could drop and if it does it will make some big damn ripples.  Based on the Metal Gear Touch concept, I think they will get a stripped down version of Rising.

Box Art

I really hope it's called 'The Last Snake'.

So there you have it, my list of E3 for Nintendo, be sure to check back tomorrow for the 360 write up, sure to feature plenty of *meh*.  In a couple of weeks you can print out your copy then sit down in front of your computer and see what  I was and wasn’t right about.  Hell by the time this is published some of it might have already happened, as its going up about 7 days after I wrote it.


E3 Week is Coming!

14 05 2010

Hey everyone just a quick reminder, next week will be E3 week here at Zacky Knows It All.  Monday night at around 7pm Central time my Wii predictions will be going up, same time Tuesday night my 360 predictions will be going up, and then same time Wednesday night my PS3 predictions will be going up.  So come back everyday for another 5 pages of E3 predictions, broken down into, hardware, software, firmware and S.W.A.G. which are my total shots in the dark.  Anyways yeah its a theme week, three days of content, enjoy everyone!


The Zacky Knows It All Show, Episode 2

7 05 2010

This is the Zacky Knows It All Show Episode 2, in the proud tradition of my first episode I am going it alone on this one again.  New format with organized features and topics help make this a far more coherent show with tons of more information.  Topics covered are: Red Faction Guerrilla review, Assassins Creed III?, ModNationRacers, Alan Wake, E3 Prediction roundup, and finally the war between EA and Activision.  This show runs about 26 minutes long.  Visit my twitter @zackysmack to keep up on my daily shenanigans, you can also find the show on iTunes and hopefully soon the Zune Marketplace.