Podcast Episode 8 delayed 1 day due to weather and co-hosts.

18 06 2010

Hey everybody bad news, I have no co-host tonight for family/personal reasons so I am going to postpone the show tell tomorrow night when we will be joined by EttenCo, also there are huge electrical storms coming and I am not sure I would have enough time to get everything recorded.  We’ll be covering all the hottest E3 topics including Kinect, PSN Plus, 3DS, and a slew of new and interesting games tomorrow night so you can either listen to it this weekend while having some fun or save it to brighten up your monday.  As always you can follow me on Twitter @Zackysmack, or email me at zackysmack@hotmail.com.  I hope you checked out the PSP Go article its a great read, please comment folks, love to hear back from you.  Also be sure to mark July 4th on your calendar because that is when the new site will be launching.  So sorry about the delay but I think Etten is going to add a lot to the show tomorrow so tune back in then.  Thanks everybody, Peace.