The Zacky and Friends Know It All Show Episode 9

25 06 2010

Another Thursday another dollar, this time out were back down to two hosts and a regular 1 hour show as we face the drought of news in a post E3 world.  First off we give our review of Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans, and then head straight into what have we been playing which features an abundance of co-op titles and some thoughtful discussions of Spec Ops Missions, then we talk about why Dave Jaffe is one cool dude and how the PSP/DS War isn’t really a war after all, next up we flounder around trying to figure out the difference between Take Two and 2K, we finish up by talking about PSN Plus and why Jimmy Fallon is gamings best friend for no reason, finally we give a preview of our week in gaming.  As always enjoy the show and get through your Friday so you can play some more games, in the meantime be sure to get your submissions in for the logo design content to my email, hit me up on twitter @Zackysmack.  You can find the show by searching The Zacky and Friends Know It All Show on iTunes or Podbean at