The Zacky and Friends Know It All Show: Episode 10

2 07 2010

Back in full form for a thrilling 10th episode spectacular, with a massive number of games and topics to discuss in this weeks show.  We kick things off with a review of a wonderful little low budget 80’s movie called The Wraith.  After that its on to our longest ‘what you been playing’ segment in history where we cover the topics of: Army of Two, Rogue Warrior, Blue Toad, Brutal Legend, Shin Magami Tensi, and Alpha Protocol.  We then go into a new segment about the little news stories and announcements from the week.  After that its on to the loyal PC where we discuss PC MMO’s and a PC game were actually excited about!  After that its about taking sides as we break down EA’s apparent Sony bias.  Finally getting into a fighting game the average joe can get excited about, another reason LBP2 is going to be awesome and are feelings on the now one week old PSN Plus.  As always find us at or on iTunes, be sure to follow me on twitter @Zackysmack and be on the lookout for our new site that is launching this weekend.  Peace everyone.




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